Putrajaya, August 16 - YBhg. Datuk Haini binti Hassan calls on all BHEUU, JBG and MdI employees to take care of both physical and spiritual health through adopting a healthy lifestyle to ensure a peaceful life without any illness that could limits activities of daily living. She said a healthy mind comes from a healthy body towards producing an active mind to do something good, thus improving the quality of work that will lead to excellence of an organization.

She added that both physical and spiritual health must be in balance because spiritual illness could affect one's body.

She explained that physical illness such as fever, cough, cold and others can be seen visibly whereby spiritual illness is a bad character and attitude that lure a person into doing evil things and disturbing others happiness.

She said this in her speech at the BHEUU Monthly Assembly here today.


Speech by YBhg. Datuk Haini Binti Hassan, Director General of JBG





BHEUU, JBG and MdI members during the BHEUU Monthly Assembly Bil.8 / 2018



Congratulations to Mr Sariman Bin Sabdin, Administrative Assistant (Finance), W19 from Finance Section as Monthly Sample Worker BHEUU Implementing Group for July 2018



Congratulations to Mrs Suhaina binti Abdullah, Senior Administrative Assistant, N22 from JBG Headquarters as JBG Monthly Sample Workers Group for July 2018



Congratulations to Encik Syukri Bin Yunos, Administrative Assistant (P / O), N19 from MdI Muar branch as MdI Monthly Sample Workers Group for July 2018