1. Carry out the functions of the Attorney General's Chambers at the BHEUU level to provide advice and views on legal matters based on Article 145 of the Federal Constitution. Advisory matters are in respect of the law under the control and supervision of BHEUU;
  2. Review and formulate international instruments and documents such as agreements, memorandum of understanding, declaration and joint communiqué involving BHEUU, JBG or MDI as representatives of the Government of Malaysia;
  3. Take instructions and handle a legal action on behalf of or against BHEUU, JBG, MDI or PKPMP by ensuring that the prefix action is carried out accordingly;
  4. Reviewing and enacting Principal Legislations or Subsidiary Legislations under the control and supervision of BHEUU after all policy issues are resolved;
  5. Drawing or reviewing legal documents such as legal notice, agreement and memorandum of domestic understanding in which the government is a party represented by BHEUU, JBG, MDI or CPPMP to ensure that the government's interests are protected;
  6. Review and prepare a draft review and reprint of the law under BHEUU control and supervision; and
  7. Submitting the findings of research or legal reforms on legal matters under BHEUU control and supervision.