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Human Resource Management Section

  1. To plan the needs of employees based on BHEUU, Mdl and JBG strategic planning.
  2. To plan and implement programs, trainings, courses and workshops and also monitoring the participation of officers involved.
  3. Managing personnel operation relating to services and appointment by BHEUU, Mdl and JBG.
  4. To manage general administration and logistic.
  5. To ensure the asset management and store procedure comply with regulations and circulars enforced.
  6. To administer the management of department resource center.
  7. To manage the rental and maintenance of office building.
  8. Leading BHEUU towards achieving MS ISO 9001:2008;
  9. Secretariat  to:
    i.Head of Departments Meeting;
    ii.Management Meeting;
    iii.Governance Committee Meeting;
    iv.Safety Committee Meeting;
    v.Events between Departments;
    vi.Human Resource Development Panel;
    vii.Government Asset Management Committee Meeting;
    viii.Innovation Committee Meeting;
    ix.Disciplinary Committee Meeting; and
    xi.The Audit Management Committee Meeting.