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Information Management Section

  1. To plan, develop, implement and maintain BHEUU, MdI and JBG application systems;
  2. To monitor and coordinate the implementation of BHEUU, MdI and JBG application systems;
  3. To ensure the daily operation of computer systems and network equipment to function and maintained properly;
  4. To ensure the safety of the official data and information is always maintained;
  5. To provide technical support to BHEUU, MdI and JBG;
  6. To plan and implement ICT training for BHEUU, MdI and JBG;
  7. To carry out auditing and inspection on  ICT equipments  in BHEUU, MdI and JBG;
  8. To plan, prepare and implement an ICT Strategic Master Plan for BHEUU, MdI and JBG;
  9. To plan, control and manage  ICT development budget for  BHEUU, MdI, JBG and the Courts.
  10. Secretariat to the ICT governance BHEUU, MdI and JBG.