Putrajaya, 21 Mac 2018 - YBhg. Datuk Meor Hashimi bin Abdul Hamid, Deputy Director-General of MdI in his speech states that “happy households, excellent workers”. He also said, it is starting from the family, the person will learn on how to be responsible to oneself and other people in need.

He added that a happy and cheerful home will creates a healthy and emotionally happy employee with self- confidence, confident of his ability. The foundation of a caring and excellence society is basically comes for a happy family.

He said in in this era of modernization the essence of unity and harmony was slowly eroded with individualistic attitudes. He advised the empleyees of BHEUU, MdI and JBG to foster a loving culture in order to be happy in the world and in the hereafter.

He said this in his speech at the BHEUU Monthly Assembly here today.


Speech by YBhg. Datuk Meor Hashimi bin Abdul Hamid, Deputy Director General of MdI.





BHEUU, MdI and JBG members during the BHEUU Monthly Assembly No. 3/2018



Encik Mohd Khairi Bin Mansur Grade F41 Information Technology Officer from the Information Management Section. As a Monthly Sample Worker BHEUU Management and Professional Group for February 2018.



Ms. Praba Balakrisnan Assistant Grade S19 Library from Resource Center Unit. As a Monthly Sample Worker BHEUU Implementation Group for February 2018.



Mrs. Mazlina Binti Hussain Grade LS48 Officer from the Syariah Litigation And Advice Division. As a JBG Group Monthly Sample Worker for Professional and Management Group for February 2018



Mrs. Shahira Parvin Binti Dato 'Abdul Aziz Legal Officer Grade L38 from Litigation And Advice Division (Civil). As a JBG Monthly Sample Employee Executing Group for February 2018