Latest News bullet go Talk On "Awareness On Fire Safety" 

PUTRAJAYA, 26 February 2015 – A talk on ' Fire safety awareness ' was presented by Mr. Rueben Teoh Seng Sheong from United Asia Fire Prevention. Among other things, the talk focus to share tips and information about techniques save individuals during a fire, the necessary arrangements in place to cope with fire and also how to use fire extinguisher properly.

The talks also aim to expose that if there are victims who were lost, then spontaneously Department will be blamed. The offence should not be placed on the shoulders of the Department alone but all parties need to be aware that security is a collective responsibility.

We are human and we are unable to forecast when fire happens and where it will happen. Hence, we should equip ourself with knowledge about fire prevention and take positive measures to protect life and property from fire threats.

It is estimated that a total number of 120 officers and staff BHEUU, Legal Aid Department and Insolvency Department of Malaysia attended the talk.


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Speaker, Encik Rueben Teoh Seng Sheong from United Asia Fire Prevention.

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Among the officers and staff of BHEUU, JBG and Mdl that attended the talk