Putrajaya, June 26 - YBhg. Dato' Umar Saifuddin Bin Jaafar, Director-General of the Malaysian Department of Insolvency urge BHEUU, JBG and MdI employees to be loyal to the ruling government. He said civil servants is the one who implemented government policies and therefore they must obey the ruling government as well as avoid politics that could uphold the loyalty of civil servants.

He added that every civil servants are required to always admit that every words and actions should be subject to the regulations stipulated by the Federal Constitution and Service Circular issued by the government from time to time. He reminds that the phrase " Saya yang menurut perintah" means the adherence of the service of a civil servant.

He reminds that current government emphasizes the principle of 'rule of law' in which all individuals are subject to the law and nonecan escape from the lawsuit. Hence, BHEUU, JBG and MdI employees must always comply with the laws, rules and directives issued.

He also reminds every employee to maintain integrity at all timesand should be able to perform their duties with integrity and prudently.

He said this at the BHEUU Monthly Assembly here today.


Speech by YBhg. Dato” Umar Saifuddin Bin Jaafar, Director General of MdI





BHEUU, JBG and MdI members during the BHEUU Monthly Assembly No. 6/2018



Congratulations to Encik Mohd Asta Bin Ali, Information Technology Officer, F44 from Information Management Section nominated as Pekerja Contoh BHEUU Management and Professional Group for May 2018



Congratulations to Mr Seiang A / L Tian, Administrative Assistant (N / A), N19 from Human Resource Management Section nominated as Pekerja Contoh BHEUU Implementing Group for May 2018



Congratulations to Mrs. Asfanizam Binti Abdul Razak, Assistant Senior Administrative Officer, N32 from the Financial and Account Section nominated as JBG Pekerja Contoh Monthly Sample Workers Group for May 2018



Congratulations Mrs. Nor Faliza Binti Abdul Rashid, Administrative Assistant (P / O), N19 from Pahang Branch nominated as JBG Monthly Pekerja Contoh Executing Group for May 2018