Putrajaya, May 24 - YBhg. Datuk Haini Hassan, Director General of Jabatan Bantuan Guaman (JBG) reminds BHEUU’s, JBG and MdI to support the country's aspirations by practicing neutral attitudes in carrying out their duties. She prompt that every employee should not discriminate against any individual because it will negatively affects the organization represented.

She added that obsessive behavior to a certain individual should be avoided. The responsibility of every citizen is to practice and maintaining the integrity of their institutions or organizations.

She also stated that if a person does not believe in one particular individual, then one should not lose faith in the state institution. She advised all BHEUU staffs to be careful when posting materials in their respective social media.

She said this at the BHEUU Monthly Assembly here today.


Speech by YBhg. Datuk Haini Binti Hassan, Director General of JBG





BHEUU, JBG and MdI members during BHEUU Monthly Assembly No. 5/2018



Congratulations to Mr Norazlina Binti Abd Hamid, Administrative & Diplomatic Officer, M44 from Policy Section as Monthly Sample Worker BHEUU Management and Professional Group for April 2018



Congratulations to Encik Sidek Bin Ahmad, Senior Administrative Assistant (P / O), N26 from Management Services Unit as Monthly Sample Worker BHEUU Implementing Group for April 2018



Congratulations to Mrs. Choo Hueay Ting, Legal Officer, L44 from Penang Branch as a JBG Monthly Sample Worker for Management and Professional Group for April 2018



Congratulations Mohd Saiful Neezam Bin Othman Assistant Legal Officer, L32 from Pahang Branch as JBG Monthly Sample Employee Executing Group for April 2018