Putrajaya, 13 April – The BHEUU’s Director General, Datuk Jalil bin Marzuki invite all employees to do a transformation in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. He said to achieve a success or goal, we must implement a way different from the norm.

He quoted the words of wisdom of Albert Einstein; "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". He also said Usain Bolt, Olympic sprinter said he did the hard work continuously to be the fastest sprinter in the world.

He said Usain Bolt realize that talent alone is not enough for him to win a championship, if he just rely on talent, he will be left behind compared to its competitors. Realizing this, Usain Bolt does his training with dedication and discipline for 9 to 10 months each year.

He said Jack Ma, representing the world’s largest e-commerce company said failure is not a stumbling block to success but it is an exercise to analyze and rectify weaknesses and not to be demoralized while in difficult times. He said the story of Jack Ma is the story 'From Rags to Riches'.

He was speaking at the BHEUU’s Monthly Assembly today.


Speech by Datuk Jalil bin Marzuki, Director General of BHEUU.


Employees from BHEUU, MdI and JBG during The 4th BHEUU’s Monthly Assembly in 2017.


Employees from BHEUU, MdI and JBG during The 4th BHEUU’s Monthly Assembly in 2017.



Congratulations to Mr. Faizal bin Mat Deris, Assistant Information Technology Officer, Grade FA29 from Information Management Section as Employee of the Month BHEUU in Implementation Group category for the month of March 2017.



Congratulations to Masyarakat Majmuk Team as the winner of Futsal BHEUU organized by KSK BHEUU.