Putrajaya, February 14 – Recently, the country has been rocked with the news of high-profile corruption cases involving a number of public servants, said YBhg. Datuk Abdul Rahman bin Dato 'Haji Taha, Director General of Insolvency (MdI). Nevertheless, this involves only a small number of public servants. Thus, all employees of BHEUU, MDI and JBG are advised to continue performing their duty with honesty and integrity.

He emphasized that all employees should focus on providing quality services to the public. This means that all projects and programs must reach its target audience and have a value added impact.

He added that customer satisfaction is very important. Customer satisfaction is an indicator of a good and a quality service delivery. If customers are satisfied, it will have a good impact on the employee’s morale because lesser complaints and dissatisfaction.

He said this during a monthly assembly BHEUU for the month of February today.


Speech by YBhg.Datuk Abdul Rahman Bin Dato 'Haji Taha,
Director General of Insolvency


Officers and Staff of BHEUU, MdI and JBG during the Monthly Assembly BHEUU No.2/2017



Congratulation to Mrs. Rafidah binti Shukor, Clerical Officer W17, of the Finance Section who has been chosen as the Employee of the Month for BHEUU for the month of December of 2016



Congratulations to Mrs. Adura Hasni binti Abd Jabar, Assistant Legal Officers of Liquidation Division, Headquarters MdI, who has been chosen as the Employee of the Year 2016



Congratulations to Winners Table Tennis Championships 2017 organized by Sports Bureau, KSK BHEUU