Putrajaya, August 27 - YBhg. Datuk Dr. Rose Lena binti Lazemi, Director General of the Legal Affairs Division (BHEUU) thanked everyone for taking time to attend the assembly.

In conjunction with National Day on 31st August, she invites all present to appreciate the meaning of independence by instilling a spirit of patriotism in themselves, as well as performing their duties efficiently, transparently and honestly. This is important because as civil servants, we are at the forefront of the nation's development process.

In another development, 15 new officers were introduced, while two have retired and five have been transferred to other Departments and Ministries.

Puan Nurul Huda binti Zainuddin, Puan Nur Asfarina binti Hassan Rahmat, Puan Norlida binti Ibrahim and Encik Sheikh Farhan bin Ahmad from BHEUU, Puan Nisa Binti Segu Alavuddin and Encik Zulkarian Bin Misnan from MdI, Puan Asmaulfajriah Binti Ali @ Mat Ali, Encik Azrul Aminul Rashid Bin Mohd Adli and Puan Azizah Binti Salih from JBG were awarded Exemplary Employees for their respective departments.

The assembly also witnessed the presentation of prizes for the Most Book Borrower Awards for the period of January to June and the prize for the New Year's Inter-Talent Badminton Championship. The assembly ended with the reading of disiciplinary cases for the month of July involving MdI and JBG.

The assembly was also attended by YBhg. Dato 'Anas bin Ahmad Zakie, Director General of MdI and YBrs. Puan Siti Salwa bint Musa, Director General of JBG. This monthly gathering hosted by BHEUU involved the attendance of about 200 BHEUU, JBG and MdI employees.


Speech by YBhg. Datuk Dr. Rose Lena bint Lazemi, Director General of BHEUU






 BHEUU, JBG and MdI residents during BHEUU Monthly Assembly Bills. 4/2019



 Congratulations to Mrs. Nurul Huda binti Zainuddin of the Finance Section as BHEUU Exemplar Management and Professional Group for July 2019



 Congratulations to Mrs. Nur Asfarina binti Hassan Rahmat of the Human Resource Management Section as a BHEUU Examples Management and Professional Group for August 2019



Congratulations to Mrs. Norlida binti Ibrahim of the Development Section as a BHEUU Exemplar Working Group for July 2019



Congratulations to Mr. Sheikh Farhan bin Ahmad of the Corporate Communication Unit as a BHEUU Exemplar Employee for August 2019



Congratulations to Madam Nisa bintu Segu Alavudin of Liquidation Division, MdI Headquarters as a MdI Examples for Management and Professional Group for August 2019



Congratulations to Mrs. Asmaulfajriah bint Ali @ Mat Ali from the Panel of Legal Advisors and Joint Advocates, JBG Headquarters as JBG Examples Group Employee for July 2019



Congratulations to Mr. Azrul Aminul Rashid bin Mohd Ali of JBG WP Kuala Lumpur as JBG Executor Group Exemplar for July 2019



Congratulations to Mrs. Sarah Akmarwati bint Abdul Wahab recipient of the Most Book Borrower Award January to June 2019



Congratulations to all the winners for the 2019 New Talent Intermediate Badminton Championship