Putrajaya, May 28 - YBhg. Dato 'Anas bin Ahmad Zakie, Director-General of Insolvency, Insolvency Department of Malaysia (MdI) invites the Legal Affairs Department (BHEUU), Legal Aid Department (JBG) and MdI to appreciate and benefit from Ramadan with all the advantages found in this glorious month. He was speaking at a speech in conjunction with the BHEUU Monthly Assembly No. 2/2019 at Dewan Saksama, BHEUU.

He also remembers that office security is given priority given the holiday holidays, as well as personal and family safety when returning to their respective destinations. He also called for the culture of visiting each other to be nurtured, and to celebrate Syawal with multiracial and religious friends to foster the spirit of racial unity in Malaysia.

The gathering was also attended by YBhg. Dato 'Junaidah binti Kamarruddin, Director General of BHEUU and YBrs. Tuan Mohd Zulbahrin bin Zainuddin, JBG Deputy Director-General (Civil). This monthly rally hosted by MdI involved the presence of about 200 BHEUU, JBG and MdI.

In another development, a total of 16 new officers were introduced, while five officers were retired and 13 had been transferred to the Department and other Ministries.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Ismail bin Abdul Ghani and Wan Hasrul Effandy bin Sulaiman were awarded as BHEUU's example workers, while Siti Zaleha binti Mohd Salji, Mohamad Al Hafid bin Ismail, Lim Chai See and Siti Farazalita bint Sulaiman as JBG's example workers. Sample employee awards for MdI are Ros Azizi binti Abu Bakar and Andrew Anak Dal Dal.

The certificate presentation was also held for the Innovative and Creative Group Competition at Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council on April 10, 2019 to MdI. Prizes were also delivered in conjunction with the SiCergas MdI Program which included the Tour De Fat series.


Speech by YBhg. Dato 'Anas bin Ahmad Zakie, Director General of MdI





BHEUU, JBG and MdI staff during the BHEUU Monthly Assembly No. 2/2019



 Congratulations to Encik Muhammad Ismail bin Abdul Ghani from Information Management Section as a Sample Worker BHEUU Management and Professional Group for March and April 2019



 Congratulations to Encik Wan Hasrul Effandy bin Sulaiman from the Management Services Unit as a Sample Worker BHEUU Executing Group for March and April 2019


Congratulations to Mrs. Lim Chai See from the Legal Aid Department as a Sample Worker for JBG Implementing Group for April 2019